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Stepparent Adoption

The Story: Our client retained us to help her acquire the legal guardianship of her two stepdaughters. When the girls’ biological mother abandoned them, our client stepped up!

How We Won: Our firm successfully petitioned for the involuntary termination of parental rights of the biological mother and the adoption of two juveniles by their adoptive mother. We were successful in achieving full parental rights and responsibilities for our client. The two little girls were happily adopted!

State v. JJ

The Story: After being found incompetent to face charges, our client was left languishing in the Delaware County prison with pending felony charges. All the while, his mental and physical health went untreated and worsened.

How We Won: Through aggressive advocacy, we got him into an accredited mental health facility where he was properly treated. He was later found to be competent to face his criminal charges. Our team then successfully negotiated a misdemeanor plea that involved no further prison time and proper treatment going forward.

Protection From Abuse Order Dropped

The Story: A Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) was lodged against our client by his girlfriend after a contentious breakup. Understanding the potential effects this could have on his employment and relationships, our client retained the team at Bauer Scanlon & Wigginton.

How We Won: Through zealous advocacy, we successfully got the other side to withdraw the PFA. Our client was able to move forward with his life without the harmful effects of a PFA hanging over him.

State v. BM

The Story: Our client was convicted of 2 non-violent misdemeanor offenses in 2014 and sentenced to a total of 8 years of probation. Since then, he had been a model probationer, had no violations, and been a productive member of the community. He no longer felt that his supervision was necessary or justified.

How We Won: With all fines paid off and a clean track record for 8 years, our team filed a Motion for Early Termination of Probation. The Judge granted our petition without objection and our client’s probation was terminated early.

State v E.J.N – Not Guilty – DUI

The Story: Our client allegedly struck a vehicle in a parking lot and drove away. They then left the scene and drove home. Upset and disappointed in themself, our client drank an alcoholic beverage before receiving a knock at their door from the police. Our client was charged with a misdemeanor Hit-and-Run and later received a Second Offense DUI.

How We Won: The team at Bauer, Scanlon, & Wigginton called an expert witness to testify that the alcohol in our client’s system was consistent with their story of drinking after they got home. Thus, it could not be proven that they were driving under the influence at the time of the incident. We successfully made that argument to the Judge and our client was found Not Guilty of the DUI charge.

State v S.K – Not Guilty – Criminal Charges

The Story: Upon being dropped off by an Uber Driver, our client allegedly attacked the driver. Our client was charged with several felony offenses that included Strangulation and Aggravated Assault.

How We Won: Conor Wigginton successfully discredited the alleged victim’s claims. There were no pictures or evidence to back up any injuries to corroborate the charges against our client. No witnesses claimed to see the attack. Conor was able to prove to the courtroom that the alleged victim’s allegations had no credibility. Our client was found Not Guilty of all Criminal Charges.

State v N.C – Dismissed & Released – Parole Violation

The Story: Our client was on probation for child pornography charges. They were accused of violating their parole and incarcerated on a detainer for having adult pornography on their phone.

How We Won: Under Commonwealth v. Koger, 255 A.3d 1285, 1291 (Pa. Super.2021), the trial court must advise a defendant of their specific parole and probation conditions at the time of sentencing. Our client was never advised that they were not allowed to have adult pornography on their phone. Our team of attorneys successfully argued that Koger applied. Our client could not have violated their parole conditions since they were never advised of the conditions they were alleged to have violated. The violations were dismissed, and our client was released from prison.

J.H & J.H Investigation – No Charges Filed – Sexual Assault

The Story: The Police contacted our clients wanting to interview two juveniles over the alleged sexual assault of a family member. Our clients reached out to our firm for guidance and advice.

What We Did: After consulting with our client and their family, we arranged for an interview with detectives. We sat alongside the family to protect their constitutional rights and prevent police overreach or intimidation. After thoroughly preparing the family for the interviewing and supporting them, no charges were ever filed against our clients.