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Bauer, Scanlon, & Wigginton L.L.C. is a team of three seasoned criminal defense attorneys,

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A Profound Criminal Defense Understanding

As a former attorney for the prosecution, former assistant district attorney and former public defender we understand the criminal justice system from the inside out.  Our private firm experience means we have the legal acumen necessary to effectively challenge accusations, evidence and charges.

Above all this, we know Delaware County. We know the officers, judges and prosecutors here. We know how they work, what they tend to miss and where they overstep. In fact, we know the judicial and physical landscape so well that when you tell us where you were arrested, we will know the exact location without having to consult Google. We like to think of ourselves as homegrown attorneys with big city skill.

Real-World Experience

In our criminal defense system, integrity is not as standard as we would like to think. We became attorneys because we believe that the system can become unbalanced with too much stacked against the accused. We believe everyone has a right to a fair shake. We know that without diligent and competent representation those who are accused often receive debilitating sentencing that impacts the rest of their lives.

This is why with every client, no matter how “insignificant” or overwhelming the criminal charge, we offer the same enthusiastic, diligent and hardworking representation.

We know that many areas of law overlap. You may need our help with a domestic issue or divorce. We are here to offer assistance with your wills, POA and health care proxy documentation, too.

Get The Energetic Support And Advocacy You Need When Facing Criminal Charges

We offer a consultation for anyone facing criminal charges in Delaware County. We also welcome you to contact us regarding your civil matter. Call 610-590-5092 or send us an email, and we will get in touch with you right away. Our intelligent, homegrown team approach to your defense is hard to match and even more difficult to beat.