Strong Legal Advocacy Based On Insider Experience

We know how the system works. We will use our knowledge and experience as former prosecutors and public defenders to create a solid strategy for your case.
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Fighting For Clients In Delaware County And The Surrounding Areas

Integrity. Advocacy. Experience.

Whether you are facing your first DUI, are going through a divorce or have been charged with a felony, you need an attorney you can trust to put your interests first. At Bauer, Scanlon, & Wigginton L.L.C., we take that trust seriously. We are tenacious when it comes to advocating on behalf of our clients, and we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.


Our attorneys have over 25 combined years of legal experience, and we approach these cases together. Our team approach helps to ensure that we cover every angle of your case. The firm you hire does matter, and we are happy to discuss with you how our firm can make a difference for your case.

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Our Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Strong defense no matter what the charges.

Drug Violations

We defend you and help you down the right path.

DUI Defense

Don’t let DUI charges ruin your future.

Violent Crimes

Serious defense for serious felonies.

Gun Charges

Aggressive defense for weapon offenses.

Sex Offenses

Fight the allegations and sex offender status.

Protection Orders

We protect you from an overly restrictive PFA.

Traffic Offenses

Call us before you pay that traffic ticket.

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Feel Confident In Your Legal Team

Facing criminal charges can be frightening. You have a lot on the line. That is where we come in. We understand how the prosecution handles these cases because we used to be in their shoes. You will benefit from our experience as former prosecutors and public defenders.
We know the judges and prosecutors involved, and we are respected by them. We use this knowledge to build a strong defense for you. You can feel confident in our approach and know that we will fight for your legal rights every step of the way.
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Creating A Brighter Future For Your Family

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