Put Our Knowledge And Experience To Work For You

Turn To The Proven Trial Attorneys For Your Civil Issue

There are many reasons to seek out legal counsel. When you need an attorney to offer solid advice, turn to the three-attorney team at Bauer, Scanlon & Wigginton LLC. As experienced trial attorneys, we understand what is needed to present a strong case and a strong defense to charges.

We Offer Several Types Of Legal Help

In law, there are two types of cases: criminal law, such as assault or a DUI, drug charge, and civil law, which covers family law, business and property matters. Our team has had several years of experience with criminal matters and, having had private firm experience, with civil matters. We offer straightforward guidance and representation on issues such as:

  • Contracts and tort law concerns
  • Property and real estate, including renters and landlords, real estate contracts and boundary issues
  • Family law, including divorce, custody and support matters and civil orders such as a Protection From Abuse (PFA)
  • Simple estate planning such as wills, power of attorney, health care proxy and other planning documents

Legal issues run the gamut from simple to complex. Every case is unique, and the best resolution will depend in large part on your specific goals. We can help you determine what the issue is and the options for resolving it.

You Always Have A Choice

We know that when it comes to Pennsylvania legal counsel, you have a choice. We believe that by working together, with you and our three-attorney legal team, we are able to more effectively move forward. We offer a “team” approach to resolving your issue. This provides you with the benefits of three legal minds working on your case. Your issue gets more time, more effort and a broader legal perspective.

Our extensive trial experience means that we understand when it’s in your best interest to settle outside of court or move forward with litigation. And, because we are local, we understand the community, the resources, the challenges and the judicial players involved in your legal matter. These combined elements mean we are able to offer a rarified insight into the process and potential outcomes.

Get Accessible Legal Advice And Representation

Not every case needs to go to trial. Not every issue requires extensive and prolonged legal representation. As a small firm with an experienced team, we have the resources to meet your specific legal needs. Our agile team can help with both mundane legal issues well as with more complex legal matters.

Not sure If and how we can assist, but know you can’t do it alone? Get a consultation, and we will let you know your next best steps and how we can help. Call 610-590-5092 or send us an email with your contact information, and we will get in touch with you. Located in Media, we serve clients throughout the city and surrounding communities.