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The Importance of Expert Analysis in Your DUI Case

by | Mar 3, 2023 | DUI

In our increasingly complex world, we rely more than ever on experts’ analysis. In the legal world, this is especially true. If you’ve been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to make sure nothing is being missed and to recommend an expert depending on the circumstances of your case.

Most people provide a blood or chemical breath sample when arrested for DUI. The Commonwealth relies on experts in the field of toxicology as part of establishing your level of intoxication and whether you were safe to drive a vehicle. Your attorney will review these reports and may even recommend bringing in an independent expert. Often, cases come down to a “Battle of the Experts”. Our team will evaluate whether outside counsel is needed to combat the Commonwealth. Your freedom and liberty may depend on it.

In a recent case, the team at Bauer Scanlon & Wigginton successfully defended an individual against DUI charges. Our client was able to provide evidence that she had drunk AFTER driving but before she provided a blood sample. The Commonwealth’s expert claimed that she had consumed alcohol before driving and corroborated the DUI charges. Our independent expert provided a countervailing analysis corroborating our client’s claim. She did not drink before driving. She drove home, consumed alcohol and then the police arrived at her door for the blood test. Our expert credibly found that his analysis of the toxicology report corroborated our client’s version of events. Our client, based largely on our expert’s analysis, was found Not Guilty of DUI.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, such as DUI, you can rely on our firm to recommend and find the right expert to help refute the charges against you and preserve your liberty and freedom. Call us today for a free consultation.