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Parole Violation Dismissed and Client Released from Prison

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Criminal Defense, Parole Violation

If you or someone you know is on probation or parole, it is important you understand your rights and responsibilities. The Pennsylvania Superior Court in Commonwealth v. Koger, 255 A.3d 1285, 1291 (Pa. Super. 2021), handed down a decision that is having a major impact on individuals under court supervision. In Koger, it was found that the sentencing court did not impose any specific probation or parole conditions when Koger was originally sentenced. Therefore, Koger could not be found in violation of any specific conditions and revoke his parole.

Based on that decision, our firm recently filed a successful Koger motion for one of our clients. We were able to get his alleged parole violation dismissed and his release from prison for the very same reasons outlined in Koger.

If you or someone you love is on probation or parole supervision and are alleged to have violated a condition of court’s supervision, speak with an attorney immediately. You should understand all rules or conditions you are expected to follow in accordance with your initial sentencing. You may have recourse in a Koger motion to protect your freedom and liberty.

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